House of Nature Litovelské Pomoraví

Šargoun, the former gamekeeper's lodge with a garden is transformed into an info-point forthe Litovelské Pomoraví protected area - the second gate to the area of alluvial forests unique for its size within central Europe. It is located 12km NW of Sluňákov. The building employs local traditional technologies and unites them with the requirements for an energy-efficient house and sustainability in a region with strong genuis loci. Šargoun not only offers information about the protected area (including 3D technology), but it also houses an interactive exposition of bee-keeping, including the adjacent garden and orchard, which showcase traditional ways of farming in the region. The info-point and a reconstructed barn is frequently visited by schools from Litovel. 

Unčovice 138

Open-air gallery adjacent to the Centre of ecological activities Sluňákov

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An open-air natural gallery whose exhibits are located along a path through the premises, leading the visitors to discover the relationship of man and nature, and allowing them to experience nature through the pieces of art in the landscape. The landscaping interventions were carefully planned and executed, based on the concept of  the "7 gates to the nature of Litovelské Pomoraví". The individual interventions were created by artists whose work shows strong connection to nature. The premises are open for any future interventions including temporary ones.

Area of the premises – Sluňákov: 178 604 m2
Paved area – Sluňákov: 6 275 m2
Project: 2009 - 2011
Construction: 2012 - 2014

Author of the concept of 7 gates: Michal Bartoš
Author of the original concept: Tomáš Lampar
Authors: Petr Lešek, Ondřej Hofmeister
In cooperation with: Tomáš Bouma, Helena Hejdová, Marek Sankot

Artwork - Šargoun: Miloš Fekar, Robert Smolík (indoor exhibits, beehives)
Paths: VIA (Jan Špilar)
Landscaping: Zdeněk Sendler
Sloping: Karel Zlatuška
Graphic design: Kultivar (Zuzana Brychtová Horecká)
Photographer: Andrea Thiel Lhotáková